Robert Reilly

REVISITING – A Compilation

The 20 songs on the ‘Revisiting’ compilation and the accompanying press quotes are taken from seven different albums recorded between 1988 and 2002. I picked these songs for no other reason than I like them, and because I have good memories of recording them with people who enjoyed the process along side me. All seven projects were released independently, on very low budgets and very high hopes. -RR



From Revisting, the compilation from Robert Reilly

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“Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and piano. At the end of his short set, the quality of his vocals and songwriting transported the room to another dimension. I don’t know if I can accurately describe the experience, but mesmerizing is a good word. No glitz, just the real deal. Keep an ear open for this great new talent, you won’t be disappointed.”–Shelly Weiss, Cash Box Magazine, Los Angeles, CA

“Superior and engaging, heartfelt songwriting and performing,” –Chris Folley, Time Out, London, UK

“Robert Reilly, soulful, inspired, gutsy, defiant and emotional.”– Peter Kinghorn, Newcastle Evening Chronicle, UK

“Radio ready, passionate and mature with a reputation for an energetic, inspired live show.” –   David Fenigsohn, The University Reporter, Boston, MA

“A voice that sounds like as though it’s been pickled in nettles and bourbon for years, reminiscent of Cat Stevens via Joe Cocker, Robert Reilly is a major talent.” – Paul Cole, Birmingham Post, Birmingham, UK

“For those prepared to look, Robert Reilly’s songs and vocals are excellent and individual; the tracks pour out of the speakers and grab your attention.” – S.C. Speakout Magazine, UK

“Robert Reilly has established himself as a mature, talented songwriter who possesses the increasingly rare gift of balancing meaningful lyrics with refreshing hook laden melodies.” –Dave Donati, Sound Check Magazine, Harrisburg, PA

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